Productos Eco-friendly

Gama de productos ecológicos, respetuosos al máximo con la naturaleza, sin perder ni un ápice de calidad. 

Productos eco-friendly
Film compostable

New DOAL COMPOSTABLE transparent film for home use. 100% DEGRADABLE, DISPOSABLE together with the organic matter in our homes. Our DOAL compostable film preserves and protects food optimally, is more flexible, silky to the touch, more adherent and easy to cut. Suitable for use in microwaves. It is the first environmentally friendly transparent food film.

Film transparente industrial

This range of baking paper is 100% vegetable and COMPOSTABLE and can be reused several times for cooking and wrapping food (except for raw fish and meat, in which case it could only be used once). It is 100% RECYCLABLE together with paper and cardboard, if it has not been used, or with organic matter, if it has been used.

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